Sailing Vessel Kwai

Sailing Vessel Kwai
November 1, 2016 Alex
Sailing Vessel Kwai

The purpose of KWAI is to carry cargo, passengers, and crew in a well found sailing vessel between the islands of the Pacific Ocean.

The main goal of this project is voyaging on the high seas. The present service is a packet vessel between Hawaii and the Cook Islands which offers excellent year round sailing across the trade winds in both directions. Adventure travellers and crew immerse themselves in a life at sea, sharing the opportunity to learn seamanship, navigation, rigging and ship and small boat handling. A round trip schedule of two to three months will allow for half the time at sea and half the time in port or at anchor. The ocean passages are memorable, but so are the relaxed stops at very remote islands.

The Kwai is a powerful sailing ship, driven only by the free energy of the wind, dependent only on nature and the resources she carries aboard is not only a work of art and beauty, she is a proven, economical vehicle of transportation where fuel is expensive and often scarce.

For centuries these islands were supplied by infrequent ships arriving to sell their cargos to the local inhabitants. Even in these modern times many of the small islands on their route are still not supplied on a regular basis. With approval and support from the local governments and island councils we provide a comprehensive service. They deliver ordered cargos from the least expensive sources in Hawaii, and charge a purchasing fee and freight on all goods.


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