Historic Vessel Vega

Historic Vessel Vega
November 3, 2016 Alex
Historic Vessel Vega

Every year the 120 years old Norwegian build historic vessel VEGA and her volunteer crew sail about 7,000 miles to collect and deliver between 15 and 20 tons of donated tools, educational and medical supplies. Those supplies are loaded on board in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore then delivered to East Timor and remote islands in Eastern Indonesia. Those supplies help support local level community development, health, and educational services. Supplies are also collected in Australia by VEGA supporters and shipped to Dili on board the yachts in the yearly Darwin to Dili Regatta.

The project also provide advanced training for traditional midwives and teaching aids for rural teachers. Every year a fully qualified Indonesian doctor travels with them providing medical services on the remote islands and holding workshops or training seminars for traditional midwives.


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