Hawila Project

Hawila Project
November 1, 2016 Alex
Hawila Project

Hawila is a 25 m long, two-masted wooden Norwegian galeas from 1935. Since the summer of 2014, she has been in the process of  restoration in the hands of a strong group of friends. Their aim: sailing cargo, and cultures…

Hawila Project want to promote an environmental friendly way for shipping organic goods from small coastal communities and European producers using only the force of the wind. The vessel can transport 55 tons of cargo and will stay in European waters, bridging South Europe with Northern Europe, creating a direct link between producer and consumer. They will collaborate and trade with other sailing cargo vessels to ensure diversity in the products we deliver, and help create an alternative green shipping solution.

“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse.

They are a group of visionaries and have the opportunity to make their inspirations reality! Their bond is the common understanding that music, dance and all forms of art should have more established participation in our everyday life. The Hawila became the base of their project and serves as a hub for meeting, exchanging and working.
They organise small weekly events, such as movie projections and recreational outdoor and indoor activities and establish on-board creative workshops with the participation of youth, volunteers and artists in residence. Through their activities they aim to create a balanced environment including a wide range of ages, gender, ideas, cultures, perspectives and knowledge.

Hawila Project


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