Coastal Exploration Co.

Coastal Exploration Co.
November 5, 2016 Alex
Coastal Exploration Co.

In 2011 Henry, former Royal Marine and owner of Coastal Exploration Co., started to source and refurbish three traditional Norfolk boats (Whelk, Crab and Mussel Falt) all requiring complete renovation; the wood work was completed locally, the sails hand made by North Sea Sails and the stringent safety standards had to be negotiated with the MCA to operate commercially.

Each of their clinker-built traditional Norfolk fishing boats have remained in and around Norfolk’s waters since they were built as far back as 1951. These boats were specifically designed and honed for hundreds of years by generations of fisherman for the unique conditions of the North Sea and strong tides along the North Norfolk Coast. As a fleet they can transport you anywhere from the quietest creek to an invigorating sail up to three miles from shore.


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