Bessie Ellen

Bessie Ellen
November 1, 2016 Alex
Bessie Ellen

Built in Plymouth, Devon, in 1904 by William Kelly, Bessie Ellen is one of the last surviving West Country trading ketches from a fleet that once stood at nearly 700. Bessie Ellen lived through an era when working sailing ships were an everyday sight in English ports and harbours. Now back in Plymouth, over 100 years from the time she was built, Bessie Ellen has been restored to the graceful sailing ship she once was. With masts, rigging and below decks accommodation she can once again feel the wind in her sails.

She currently offers sailing holidays, where a voyage on Bessie Ellen promises the learning of new skills, as she takes you on adventures exploring some of the most remote coastlines and islands around Europe, and beyond.

Bessie Ellen also offers a sail training course, the simplest and most effective way to gain entry level employment as a deckhand or crew aboard wooden of all sizes, including the largest square riggers.

Bessie Ellen has been chartered for cargo in the past, and was there at the beginning of the now growing trend in a return to sail power for carrying cargo. She carries some cargo alongside her sailing holidays now, but with a potential capacity of 50 tonnes, she is just waiting for the right opportunity!


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